Tuesday, December 26, 2006

my precious treasure son

My good girl, perhaps when you read this letter you are already 18 years old. I don’t know what you’ll look like when you are at that age, you are most likely a very attractive girl. I also don’t know, when you are reading this letter, what sort of feelings or thoughts are flying through your head. Maybe you are very angry at me for giving you up and letting another family raise you instead of raising you myself; but know that Mommy didn’t want to make that choice either! I wanted to raise you myself. I believe that after you read this letter, you will definitely understand and know why I had to do what I did.

You were born in November of 2003. Do you know why I gave you the name? It is so that you will always, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, carry grace with you and spread that grace among those with whom you come into contact. I hope you like your name. I really don’t know if you will actually use the name I chose for you, but I hope you will always have that grace with you, whatever name you do use.

Ok! Now, let me tell you what kind of person Mommy is and the situation she was in. Mommy was only 18 years old when you were born. She was the youngest person in her family. At home there was Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle and Auntie. We all lived together in the New Territories. I was a very disobedient, rebellious, disrespectful girl. Oftentimes I was rude to others and always had a smart-aleck response. I wasn’t all bad though! There were some good characteristics about me! I had a very positive outlook on life, I liked helping people, I was kind and compassionate towards others. I really enjoyed playing the piano, doing volunteer work and playing volleyball.

After Mommy knew that she was pregnant with you, she was scared and excited at the same time. I was also afraid that your health might be endangered by my bad habits. So, for you, I quit smoking and I couldn’t bear the thought of abortion because I knew that you were a person, you had a life. I felt that you shared so many experiences and feelings with me while you lived in my womb. Luckily, before you were born, you were already a very good baby and never caused me any discomfort. Do you know that when Mommy was carrying you, she almost lost you? When Mommy entered the hospital after that incident, I was so very scared that I would lose you. Thankfully, in the end, nothing bad happened. At first, when the doctor did the ultrasound, you were seen as a boy. You were only 6 months old at the time. Even when I was at the hospital, I was still afraid that Grandma might find out that I was pregnant with you. But at the very last, Mommy spoke with Grandma and she still loved her very much and supported her throughout the rest of my pregnancy, always taking me on walks, buying foods and supplements that were good for my health, buying yarn so I could knit you clothing, and buying little baby clothes for you. She was worried about your health so she always cooked delicious foods for me to eat. Your Grandma really loved you and your Mommy.

Did you know that at the moment you were born, it seemed you were in such a rush to get out? Once you were born, your little hand kept pointing at the clock as though you wanted Mommy to note what time you came into the world! Did you know that you looked just like your Grandpa? You had big, beautiful eyes; your face and body were thin like your Grandpa’s. Mommy will always remember these details. Mommy remembers your birthday every year. Your every action and expression will never be forgotten.

After you were born, right when I came up to see you, you were drinking your milk but you rolled your eyes to watch me and refused to drink. It was as if you knew I wanted to hold you and feed you. While I was holding you, you were very good and didn’t cry and even fell asleep quickly lying in my lap. I watched you sleeping ever so sweetly and I was filled with joy. You smiled at me in your sleep, such a little angel. Once, when I went up to feed and change you, you wouldn’t stop pooping until I didn’t know what to do! Even more, during feeding you kept falling asleep and didn’t drink. Plus, you were fussy! Mommy stayed there for over an hour trying and trying to get you to drink your milk! When you finished, Mommy had to burp you. You didn’t like people patting you so Mommy had to hold you upright until you burped on your own. You cried at the first pat! Afterwards, Mommy held you, waiting for you to fall asleep, but you wouldn’t! You kept looking at me, you drove me nuts! I came to visit you during my doctor’s appointment and took some photographs. Once I set eyes upon you, I realized how much I missed you and I wanted to cry. I didn’t know when I would next see you. I didn’t know when you would be leaving the hospital because you had jaundice and needed UV rays. In addition, you were under weight so you couldn’t leave the hospital. I was very worried about you and really wanted you to be well so you could leave the hospital.

At the time you were born, Mommy was already struggling with her decision and was very unhappy. I didn’t want to be separated from you. It was only when I knew I had no other choice that I released custody of you. It was because I was only 18 years old and I had broken up with your father. I felt that I wasn’t mature enough and I didn’t have the ability to take care of you properly. Even though I really wanted to raise you myself, but with all these difficulties standing in the way, I realized that it was impossible. I’m sorry. I hope you have been raised in a great family with adoptive parents who love you very, very much and who know how to give you everything you need. I really miss you. I can’t sleep at nights, always thinking about you and crying. I wanted to know if you were healthy. After you were born, I kept thinking back on your cute face and your adorable expressions. I worried and thought constantly about how I could feed you, change you, burp you, and just care for you. I remembered your cries and your smiles. Even though our time together was so brief, I will remember each moment I had with you, especially the day you were born and the way you looked. I hope you understand Mommy’s decision.

Mommy really misses you and loves you lots. I don’t know if you’ll be really angry with me, but Mommy really hopes you have a great adoptive family who takes care of you and loves you. I hope when you are grown up, you will choose your friends carefully and protect yourself. When you do wrong, I hope you will recognize and admit to your errors. Never follow in my footsteps! I hope you won’t make the same foolish choices I did. You must obey your adoptive parents and be good! I want you to grow up healthily, study hard, obey your adoptive parents, and be a brave and strong, obedient, good, intelligent girl. Don’t disappoint Mommy! In Mommy’s heart you will always be the most beautiful, well-behaved, lovely, obedient daughter. Mommy will always remember you and those short days we spent together. I will remember every little detail about you, most importantly, your birth date and time. Mommy misses you and even though we are far apart, you will always be Mommy’s little girl. Mommy is with you from afar.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Mother's Love

I am a mother to two wonderful kids namely:

Argeyl Kayle and Argeline. Argeyl Kalye born on July 1, 2003 at Dagupan City. Argeline was born on December 23, 2004 at La Trinidad Benguet Hospital.

It is a privilege to be a mother. I know that Motherhood is the greatest blessing God has bestowed on women; Motherhood is a symbol of love, kindness, forgiveness, and devotion. A other's touch is the first human and gentle touch a child feels. Me as a mother, my heart is filled with a never ending love for my children. Because "The loveliest masterpiece Of the Heart of God Is the heart of a mother". I have to make sure that i am the real and truest friend of my 2 little angels. What a great joy it has been for me to be able to give my children the unconditional love that they deserve, and what a blessing it has been to for me receive that unconditional love right back: I feel like I am the one who have been blest beyond measures... I never stop staring in the sky and say Thank you lord for giving me my kids even if sad ...... The bitterness of what had happen in my lovelife is the opposite of my love you to my kids. I really love you so much. I promise to reaise you in a good way but don't think that why i am not with you for so many years but this is the solution for me to give and provide all what you want to have in your future ... so please dont mind. I go to another country with a reason and thats for your own good not to provide only the materials but to provide your happiness and keep you safe to stay as sweet as you are. Its hard for me to do but through your smile and sweetness as well as my daily prayer i can really do just for you Argeyl and Argeline. One more thing is to give you peace of mind when you grows older. I really love you two you are always in my mind and in my heart. My love to both of you is not just like a TALI that can be cut ... my love is for both of you is never end until the last breath of my life it's like the water in the river that flows forever.

My Two Little Angels

The Right & Real Man in My Life

I wanna say thank you for being there for all the time.I know the time is getting late to know you "bakit ngaun ka lang dumating sa buhay ko?", i'm so lucky that i've found my ideal man.The time has come over for me to show you how much I really care friends come and go, but we've through it all together, And time goes to show,I wouldn't change so many things that i owe you my love for so long - your smiles and voice is a great memories for me. Another year has come around,and I'm counting again the year passed by how lucky i am that you're still there for me to lean on. A year comes again and again we are still friend and not only friend but more than friend. In our 3rd year long relationship we get to know each other well better for us......4 years na pala tayo sa Agust 2007 what should our relationship would it be? And when that time should our realtionship end or become.... therefore, haanak maumuma nga mangibaga "thank you that you are still there for me to share and ask support whatever problems i've been encountered, thank you for the undending smile and love you've conveyed to me" my mind keeps busy thinking of you and shouting into this world THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME. You even call me before even if it is worth kasi Pinas iyon mahal ang dollar, hindi ho ba?

And anyone that I've ever know,couldn't compare to the love that you've shown to just simple lady "ME" through the hard times, you've understood. And withoutout you, there I never could have coped with my problems on my own. The years have gone by so fast. The great memories I have will last, inside my heart for ever now still in my mind and in my heart that's why sika ti kalawaan ti place na ditoy mapan ti pusok. Friends mostly come and go but you arn't - iba ka talga. It's really hard to find the best such Oliver Bonifacio, It's good to me that time come and make me find you as my forever and true love of my life. I owe it all to you I always know,how lucky I am to have you in my whole life.

Ifever (we don't know) somebody breaks our long relationship, i must die !!!! because basta....hehehehe. But dont worry i still worth our good relationship. Its not just easy to forget it. Before what i know during our .....is just a friend but it's not just only like that expectation.

As many doubts comes into my mind is just .......... for me to know na mahal pla kita. Kaysarap damhin pagmamahal ng isang tulad mo na kapiling kong lagi sa mga pangarap ko. Sa ngaung andito me sa malayo.... bawat salita mo ang nagsisilbing gamot ko kaya mananatili kang doctor nitong puso ko na kung baga dating sugatan ito at ginamot mo kaya sa ngaun ulit .... pira-pirasong pangarap ko'y muling mabubuo. Lagi kitang ala-ala di ko alam ang gagawin ko kung mawawala ka pagdating ng araw pero huag naman sana kasi talagang mahal na kita ikaw ba ganon din sa akin mahal ko?. Noong magulo ang mundo ko ilang beses ko ring inisip at ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo sana ay pipigilin ko pero bakit di ko magawa ang kalimutan ka ngaung muli ulit tayong nagkatagpo kasi nga talagang mahal na pala kita tandaan mo sana. Sana ako ang para sa iyo ala ng iba.

As a Student Secretary - BCF Lab

The Unforgetable Moments

The CAT Initiation.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

People to Remember

Mrs. Lamaton and Family (Principal now Doctor and Instructor-grad school - UCBCF) she is may Boss when i worked as student secretary for 2 years at BCF Laboratory School. Dolinta and Family my boss when i worked as a clerk for the period of 3 months only (casual) and she treated me well as one of her daughter she really love and care for me. Ingson and Family specially Auntie Ollen Festiken and family who welcomed me as one of thier real family member. Joven and Family my teacher when i was in H.S level at BNHS-A, some of our classmates think that i am one of her favorite students but the truth is she only proud of me. marami pa editkonto

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mary Ann Tad-o my "Friend"

Hi dear frend...such an opportunity for me to write something how do i know and what can i say to you regarding who you are. Its been a long time since i meet u and that was during college particularly on Steno subject under Mrs. Mapalo still remember during those days that we tend to correct each others paper and we all get high scores hehe. Aniway after that, communication was not been followed up. Until i meet you again at the shop your working with at GP Bldg., that is the start of knowing you more deeply and sincerely. Because that time you given me the chance to have first job through your customer at your shop and im very greatful with that thing you have made to me as your friend even though we are not that close during college, you know i learn a lot when i get that job dealing with other people, another environment and how to adjust in different situation, i owe that to you my friend unforgetable as they say. MOreover, teaching me how to serf the internet is lifetime remembrance from you, dealing with world of computer is much more a knowledge that i can share to our others friend too. And it all because of you. Friend thank you so much i learned from you and i will carry that as i go through. Without you i dont know if i know how to deal with such application in terms of computer. As we continue our relatioship as friends i consider you as my very best of friend. Again thank you so much Chona for being there as a friend of mine to consider. I know someday it would not be like this the way we use to it. Going outside, eating together, sharing and giving advice or comments. No words to describe you but a gift from God. Giving me someone like you is rare thing to happen.
Chona your such a person that i cannot forget, your a part of life already. Thank your so much. I know God will do something in return to your goodness and kindness to other people like me. Godbless you and i know He cares.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

College Undertakings

I entered college life May 13, 1998 - I took and finished studying ACOA (Associate in Computer in Office Administration) and BSOA (Bachelor of Science in Office Administration) at Baguio Colleges Foundation now University of the Cordilleras last December 21, 2001.
I finished my short course with the help of my TESDA scholarship. Since i am not satisfied with the short course only, i've tried to ask support to my dad to continue my study or even take another course but my father refused to ansswer me and he told me "YES but after a year because as of now we don't have enough money for tuition fee upon enrolling due to your brother's wedding". Meanwhile i really want to finish my study as soon as possible for me to move on with my ambition.
After 3 days, i am planning to take the exam as working scholar at the Guidance Office (BCF). We are many applying the said offered but they only need 4 for the vacant position which is 2 Janitorial and 1 student assistant at the BSOA department and 1 Student Secretary High School and Elementary same school BCF.

God answer my daily prayer because i am one who passed the exam so they scheduled me for an interview (panel and one on one interview). The position assign to me was as a STUDENT SECRETARY for two years contract so my plan during that time is to continue my study to make it Bachelor Degree. Therefore, i would say that i finished my Degree Course BSOA (Bachelor of Science in Office Administration) with my own effort. THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME HOPE.

High School Life

As years passed by i finished high school as Barlig National High School, Barlig Mountain Province witht he help of Auntie Florenda "Ollen" Ingson. She is kind, patience, religious, helpful and industrious, they call her as "Makagud". She welcomed me when i was in Second year high school. Actually, we don't have blood relationship to her but she just wanted me to stay in her house. She is Single during that time but we are many living with her house like Lola Maria her Auntie, Nieces and nephews. Now she is married to Mr. Pablo Festiken blessed with two kids. Until now she care and loving me a lot as one of her family member.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Elementary Education

ELEMENTARY. My studies begun when i was 7 years old as Grade one and two at Pula Primary School (one bario town of Banaue province of Ifugao). I don't know the reason why my parents brought me to Hapao (another barrio town of Banaue) in my grandmother and grandfather's house. So there i stutied Grade Three (3) but because of War between Soldiers and NPA, my studies interrupted in the month of July. Therefore, my grandfather bring me back where i came from and for me to continue and finished Grade Three level i joined Grade IV as the continuation of my study in grade III level. At the following year, i continued my studies Grade IV and Five in Cambulo Elementary School. Since, Cambulo is too far from our respective barangay (45 minutes walking i would rather choose to go Barlig for me to continue and finish my Elementary level. One reason why i hate to study in Cambulo are the following: some of our classmates are naughty, some childrens thrown stone against us. Thus, in order for me to finish Grade Six and secondary level, I have to leave my parents and go to far or another place and that is Barlig (one municipality of Mountain Province). There i finished Grade Six at Barlig Central School. Here i first experienced being alone / got homesick but i have to manage my own life, solve my own problem in school like my assignments and homework (project). I have learned and adjust my personality by dealing with my classmates and other people around me. For me to survive, during week ends some of my classmate's cold me to go with them in thier field or kaingin for cleaning,rice planting and harvesting (80/day, some gave me bunch of rice as my salary which is good, for me not to go home anymore to get allowance because its too far (one day walking). It's useless for me to go home because at the following day i have to come back for my monday class.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Justify FullOf course, i am a person created by God with complete mind, body and everything to live in this beautiful world that he created for the people to live. My life begins when God gave me to my parents. I was born on December 19, 1979 at Banaue, Ifugao in the year of our Lord. This is the days where my mother gets suffered well just to deliver me in this wonderful world, they named it as Chona / Jona. My mother operated in her womb 3 days after she delivered me because still there is a problem - according to the doctor, bag of water still in her womb.

I am a peron who is hardworking, honest, caring and loving mom of my 2 kids namely: Argeyl Kayle and Argeline. Through my experience in different firm offices, i overcome my shyness, developed and improved my skills in handling difficult jobs and so here i am now working in my own business NESTAR INTERNET CAFE located at Room 248 2nd Floor CosPal Building, Mabini Street, Baguio City.

About my Ambition, when i was in high school level my only wish is to become a sister someday, if not ...certified office clerk (done but i resign due to what had happened) and to have stable job as stenographer for me to help and give happiness to my parents as well as my sisters and brothers. I really want them to be proud of me.But came the time that all my ambitions are ....... (it's a long story) .... It's really lust for me. I dont't know if it is my mistakes or its my "kapalaran" that's why i always ask God, "Why me Lord?". Anyway it's a big lesson to me and now it urges me to move on and little by little god gave me the right direction of my life. I am a person who is not easy to give up when problems...but to take it as a challenge and i never lost hope because i know that God is always there for me. I do believe that Prayer is so powerful.