Thursday, May 04, 2006

Elementary Education

ELEMENTARY. My studies begun when i was 7 years old as Grade one and two at Pula Primary School (one bario town of Banaue province of Ifugao). I don't know the reason why my parents brought me to Hapao (another barrio town of Banaue) in my grandmother and grandfather's house. So there i stutied Grade Three (3) but because of War between Soldiers and NPA, my studies interrupted in the month of July. Therefore, my grandfather bring me back where i came from and for me to continue and finished Grade Three level i joined Grade IV as the continuation of my study in grade III level. At the following year, i continued my studies Grade IV and Five in Cambulo Elementary School. Since, Cambulo is too far from our respective barangay (45 minutes walking i would rather choose to go Barlig for me to continue and finish my Elementary level. One reason why i hate to study in Cambulo are the following: some of our classmates are naughty, some childrens thrown stone against us. Thus, in order for me to finish Grade Six and secondary level, I have to leave my parents and go to far or another place and that is Barlig (one municipality of Mountain Province). There i finished Grade Six at Barlig Central School. Here i first experienced being alone / got homesick but i have to manage my own life, solve my own problem in school like my assignments and homework (project). I have learned and adjust my personality by dealing with my classmates and other people around me. For me to survive, during week ends some of my classmate's cold me to go with them in thier field or kaingin for cleaning,rice planting and harvesting (80/day, some gave me bunch of rice as my salary which is good, for me not to go home anymore to get allowance because its too far (one day walking). It's useless for me to go home because at the following day i have to come back for my monday class.


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