Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Right & Real Man in My Life

I wanna say thank you for being there for all the time.I know the time is getting late to know you "bakit ngaun ka lang dumating sa buhay ko?", i'm so lucky that i've found my ideal man.The time has come over for me to show you how much I really care friends come and go, but we've through it all together, And time goes to show,I wouldn't change so many things that i owe you my love for so long - your smiles and voice is a great memories for me. Another year has come around,and I'm counting again the year passed by how lucky i am that you're still there for me to lean on. A year comes again and again we are still friend and not only friend but more than friend. In our 3rd year long relationship we get to know each other well better for us......4 years na pala tayo sa Agust 2007 what should our relationship would it be? And when that time should our realtionship end or become.... therefore, haanak maumuma nga mangibaga "thank you that you are still there for me to share and ask support whatever problems i've been encountered, thank you for the undending smile and love you've conveyed to me" my mind keeps busy thinking of you and shouting into this world THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME. You even call me before even if it is worth kasi Pinas iyon mahal ang dollar, hindi ho ba?

And anyone that I've ever know,couldn't compare to the love that you've shown to just simple lady "ME" through the hard times, you've understood. And withoutout you, there I never could have coped with my problems on my own. The years have gone by so fast. The great memories I have will last, inside my heart for ever now still in my mind and in my heart that's why sika ti kalawaan ti place na ditoy mapan ti pusok. Friends mostly come and go but you arn't - iba ka talga. It's really hard to find the best such Oliver Bonifacio, It's good to me that time come and make me find you as my forever and true love of my life. I owe it all to you I always know,how lucky I am to have you in my whole life.

Ifever (we don't know) somebody breaks our long relationship, i must die !!!! because basta....hehehehe. But dont worry i still worth our good relationship. Its not just easy to forget it. Before what i know during our just a friend but it's not just only like that expectation.

As many doubts comes into my mind is just .......... for me to know na mahal pla kita. Kaysarap damhin pagmamahal ng isang tulad mo na kapiling kong lagi sa mga pangarap ko. Sa ngaung andito me sa malayo.... bawat salita mo ang nagsisilbing gamot ko kaya mananatili kang doctor nitong puso ko na kung baga dating sugatan ito at ginamot mo kaya sa ngaun ulit .... pira-pirasong pangarap ko'y muling mabubuo. Lagi kitang ala-ala di ko alam ang gagawin ko kung mawawala ka pagdating ng araw pero huag naman sana kasi talagang mahal na kita ikaw ba ganon din sa akin mahal ko?. Noong magulo ang mundo ko ilang beses ko ring inisip at ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo sana ay pipigilin ko pero bakit di ko magawa ang kalimutan ka ngaung muli ulit tayong nagkatagpo kasi nga talagang mahal na pala kita tandaan mo sana. Sana ako ang para sa iyo ala ng iba.


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